Community Overview


“I believe that no matter what your situation, it’s possible to eat well and train well, whether you’ve got 15 minutes or an hour a day. The training programmes can be tailored to meet your needs and goals.”

“The community” is where you can find all the information I’ve written specifically for members, including; workouts, recipes, tips & tricks, blog posts, Q&A’s.


15 minutes and under. These workouts are designed specifically for you. From start to finish they should take no longer than 15 minutes.
You’ll be amazed by what we can accomplish with just a quarter of an hour!
You’ll find a video of each workout completed personally by me; with virtually no equipment needed!!


Here you’ll find all of your nutritional information. Including menu’s, food plans, recipes, ingredients, and much much more.

Every week I’ll update new content so you can be continually changing your meal plans to suit your environment.

Tips & Tricks

This section is aimed to help improve your workouts by helping to improve technique and attitude. As you become more efficient at each movement you’ll find the benefits of each workout with less aches and pains to follow.



My blog follows my personal progression and day-to-day life. Juggling being a single, working parent and maintaining a steady workout programme.

I’ll also write about the things you guys are most concerned about. Each week I’ll look over the most questioned topic form the Q&A and I’ll go into a more detailed answer.


Each week I’ll be answering questions asked directly by members of the community. It’s important to me that everyone is involved.


I have spoken with many different companies to find the right ones that match our goals and values. Brands that believe in progression, quality and value their customers.

Soon I’ll be posting my recommendations for clothing, supplements and gym-gear too.