As a qualified nutritional coach I have created plans that can be followed either through the monthly subscription or as an individual plan.
This second option is fantastic if you have a specific goal in mind; whether it’s your next competition, a life-goal, your wedding, the next holiday; let’s swap the bad habits for good and make a change today.


Monthly Community Plan
£20 per month

The “community” subscription is aimed at all those people who are looking to improve their life but don’t have the luxury of “free time” or access to a gym. But it’s not just about workouts!

The other side of fitness is nutrition, you’ll have access to a whole host of information including; tips on changing habits, recipes, meal-plans, healthier options and much much more.

Each week I will host a Q&A session online where you can ask me anything about the plans, recipes, progression, training.

1-Month Habit-Breaker Plan
£75 per month

A massive part of changing your nutrition is about breaking down bad habits and exchanging them for new, better ones. This one-month plan, tailored specifically to you will target key areas identified in which small changes will have a big impact.

If you’re just getting back into fitness and also looking to change your nutrition at the same time this is the option for you. We’ll look at changing your habits, improving your fitness and awareness, this will lead you perfectly into becoming a monthly community member where you can pick-and-choose your workouts and meal plans.

3-Month Individual Plan
£200 - 3 months

This plan works in stages to help tailor your nutritional habits, planning and outlook. First we’ll look over your current intake, and working around your specific goals / time restraints we’ll tailor a plan that’s realistic and achievable.

This is most suited to someone who has a very specific goal on the horizon. We’ll work closely to ensure you maintain progression and keep focused on the goal. This plan also gives you three months access to the community and all it’s information.