Couple Workouts


You go/I go, every 2 minutes x 8 (4 rounds each)


Round 1:

Run 400m

Max effort Burpees


Round 2:

Run 400m

Max effort Squat Jumps


Round 3:

Run 400m

Max effort Press Ups


Round 4:

Run 400m

Max effort Jumping Lunges


(Whilst Partner A completes Round one, Partner B rests, then Partner A rests whilst Partner B completes round on…..etc. until all 4 rounds are complete).


Too wet/cold/no room outside to run?

Sub the 400m run for 40 KB swings



For time – get ready to race:



KB swings




Couple Chipper

100 Burpees

90 Goblet Squats

80 KB swings

70 Deadlifts

60 Push press

50 Jumping Lunges

40 KB snatch

30 Plank shoulder taps

20 Thrusters

(Split the reps how you wish, just be sure to complete all the reps of the above between you before moving onto the next exercise)



I go, you go:

16 DB Snatch

14 DB squats

12 Burpees

AMRAP for 15 minutes. Go as fast as you can to earn your rest!



Partner A:

4 Rounds

20 Deadlifts

10 Broad Jumps (if you don’t have room for broad jumps, sub for jumping squats but make sure you jump as HIGH as you can)

Partner B:

4 Rounds

20 KB swings

15 Sit ups

Once you have completed your rounds, swap.

Core Finisher:

5 rounds

Partner A: 20 D Ball over the shoulder

Partner B: Holds plank

(Don’t have a D ball? Sub for clean and press)


In your pairs, race for time:

10 – 1

Devil Press


There’s a twist! Starting with and every minute on the minute from then on, 5 Burpees