If you have some extra time after a workout, or you have minimum time and want to work the core, or alternatively simply, just want to strengthen your core and get working on those abs, then give one of the below 5 workouts a go. Every week I will be changing these to keep it mixed up and those abs guessing!


Workout One

3 rounds:

10 Double leg raise scissors

30 Second plank

15 V-tucks

30 Second plank

20 Side plank pulses (10 per side)

30 Second plank

  • If you’re a new kid on the block, accumulate 30 seconds in your plank. For some, one round will be enough, This is still great! We all start somewhere.

(Rest 1 minute between rounds)


Workout Two

6 min EMOM: (Every Minute on the Minute)

E: 30 Second hollow hold

O: 30 Second superman hold

  • 30 seconds too much? Scale to a time no less than 10 seconds.


Workout Three

5 rounds

20 Plank shoulder taps

20 Russian twists

10 V-tucks

10 Superman Pulses

(Rest 30 seconds between rounds)


Workout Four

2 rounds:

50 Glute raises

50 Second left side plank

50 Second right side plank

50 Bicycles

1 minute plank

(Rest 30 seconds between rounds)


Workout Five

10 Feet-hand pass off (usually this would be with a Swiss ball but you can easily use a cushion as a sub)

20 Double leg raise scissors

30 Leg and hip raise

(30 second rest between rounds)