Portion Control

Weighing out food can tend to feel a bit obsessive.

It doesn't have to always be. When preparing meals at home and we have scales available, weighing food allows us to not let our eyes be bigger than our bellies.

This isn't a long term practise for everyone, but weighing your portions for a short period of time helps you develop an understanding of appropriate amounts of food and how much 200g chicken looks like, or 40g oats.

However, as I have stated before, its not always realistic to have scales in our purse or know wits going into our food. So this is the perfect time our hands can be our scales (double this for men):

  • Your palm determines your protein portions.

  • Your fist determines your veggie portions.

  • Your cupped hand determines your carb portions.

  • Your thumb determines your fat portions.

I would like us to begin using an app to give you an idea of portion control. But for now, use a blend of the two methods listed above and let me know by commenting on this post what suits you best and your lifestyle.

Karrina HoweComment