About Me  


I’m a qualified personal trainer, Giles Greenwood qualified weightlifting coach, crossfit coach and Precision Nutrition Level one coach.
I have a passion for strength training; mainly Olympic Weightlifting where I’ve competed up to English Championships.


Originally from Essex but now living in Lancaster, I like to write about nutrition, training and general health and fitness.

I love good food and hope to inspire others enough to start their own journey.

I wanted to create a community that would help and inspire people; no matter where they lived or what time they could spare. It’s still possible to live well, eat delicious food and enjoy training even if you don’t have much spare time.

Having given birth to my son, Dylan, in 2017 I found it nearly impossible to find coaching that worked around the lifestyle of a working, single-mum. So I decided to coach myself. This isn’t a “mums network”…it’s a community for people who want to better themselves, and help others in the process. A large portion of the workouts will be aimed at people who have less than 15 minutes free time a day; you may not believe it right now, but it is amazing how much we’ll achieve in just 15 minutes a day.